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Ways To Increase Your Enjoyment (and Results) From Co-marketing Programs

Though as much as 82% of B2B leaders planned to increase the number of partners on their rosters, and nearly 70% also planned to boost their channel program budgets over the course of 2023 (based on a 2022 Channel Study), for the tech sector, this picture didn’t necessarily pan out as expected. Many vendors reorganized their programs, leading some partners to feel left out.

So, if you’re a tech solution provider and work with one or more vendors as a “business partner” or “reseller,” watch this 30-min replay to get some refreshing ways to lower frustration and improve results when working with vendors’ ever-changing co-marketing programs. Gain insights from the partner marketing experts at Change3 and Lumo Consulting as they discuss tips and tricks on how to jump through vendor hoops more easily, as well as ways to augment your marketing and lead generation ideas.

Plus, get a sneak peek of the research from BeTechly’s Co-Marketing Impacts Study.  If you’re in tech, take part in this benchmarking study, to qualify for a eGift card reward (Terms and conditions apply):     

What You’ll Discover At This Event 

  • How to streamline the administrative process related to co-marketing program claims

  • Tips on how to best stay in compliance with changing Terms & Conditions for these programs

  • Ideas on how to create flexible marketing programs that can accommodate various co-marketing activities and brands, while still remaining strategic for yours      


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